WE CHOOSE a church for a variety of reasons, from prayer and music to children’s education and community relations.

All of these are important parts of the Eliot Church. In a swiftly moving world, we know we have a place, a state of mind, where ancient roots run deep and strong. In this spot – over three centuries ago – people sang, prayed, felt the same sun, gazed at the same river, and shared the same searching and wonder.

Today our congregation includes people of all ages and diverse backgrounds. We have a lively church school program, an active choir, a variety of community outreach programs and many other events.

JOINING the Eliot Church gives you the opportunity to become a contributing member of our vibrant church community. Because we are independent, our members truly shape our church. All that we are is a direct result of the contributions of our talented congregation.

Because we do not have any required beliefs, new members are not required to agree with a creed or a belief system of the church. We have members from many different religious backgrounds. Becoming a member is simple. Twice a year, November and April, we have a dessert for anyone interested in learning about membership. Those who wish to join the church, are then included in a new member service in which the membership book is signed. Members are then asked to re-sign the membership book every three years to confirm membership.

We ask members to contribute to the Eliot Church community in three ways. We feel that this type of contribution makes membership in the church a rewarding experience for each member. The contributions are as follows:

1. Attending church worship services with our congregation

2. Pledging an annual contribution to help support our church in a financial manner

3. Participating on one or more of the committees of the church or volunteering to help with various

congregation-wide activities as they come up during the year.

If you are interested in membership, please speak with either Reverend Dr. Adam Tierney-Eliot at (508) 653-2244 or the Membership Committee chairperson: Tod Dimmick toddimmick(at) or (508) 785-2006.